CYCLE Denim pants レディースhxtsdQrCCYCLE Denim pants レディースhxtsdQrC
CYCLE Denim pants レディースhxtsdQrC
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Is it appropriate to file submissions by way of draw 4 uno card? Please confirm ASAP as I’ve got something that needs to go out.

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Works on contingency? No, money down!15 points · CYCLE Denim pants レディースhxtsdQrC 1 month ago

What a lovely shitpost. It reminded me of this delightful excerpt from Sir Anthony Mason’s 39th Annual Melbourne University Law Review Dinner Speech ‘Reflections on the High Court of Australia’:

Starke J did not take kindly to Mr Bernard Sugerman, a Sydney KC, who was a very good lawyer but less than an inspiring advocate.

On one occasion he interrupted Mr Sugerman saying: 'When do you propose to cease pursuing your peregrinations around the orb of irrelevance?'

It was reported that, when he read of Mr Sugerman's appointment to the Commonwealth Arbitration Commission, he was heard to say that the number of Justices of the High Court would need to be increased in order to cope with the volume of work that Sugerman J's judgments would generate.

CYCLE Denim pants レディースhxtsdQrC
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Vexatious litigant6 points · ピアス メンズ 片耳ピアス サファイア ピアス イエローゴールドk18 スタッドピアス 9月の誕生石 天然石18金 男性用 宝石 18k 送料無料 父の日CxBQWoerd CYCLE Denim pants レディースhxtsdQrC 1 month ago

I feel this one deep in my bones

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Can you please, PLEASE do this and tell him he's the patron saint of Auslaw? Let us know his reaction.